Permission To Reinvent Yourself & How To Do It

In society, it is so common to be stuck in a perfectionist mindset, we worry about people judging us and that is why changing and reinventing ourselves is challenging. In this article I am giving you permission to reinvent yourself, it is crucial that you can pivot and change your process, direction or future. One mindset hack that will change your life is trying to maintain a fluid and flexible approach to everything, if you become rigid and fixed, change will never come. You need to give yourself permission to pivot into a direction that might align better with you and your future goals.


Give Yourself Permission

When I was going through high school, I did not think I was a confident person, but now I feel more confident and competent than ever. If I did not give myself permission to reinvent myself, I would still be stuck in the same position and mindset. It is common to have negative influences around you that are trying to keep you down, your family or friends might want you to stay stagnant and fixed as it makes them feel less worthless, whatever it is, limiting beliefs and/or people in our lives, might be holding us back from our potential. If we do not allow ourselves to grow, then we will be stuck in the same mindset forever (fixed mindset). If you’re stuck in the same mindset then you might be allowing the opinions of others, or internalised negative self-talk hold you back.


Question Your Narrative

If the identity that you have constructed for yourself is the thing that’s holding you back from changing, then your ego is not going to let you move forward or grow, that is why you really need to challenge your identity all the time, your ego thrives on identification and association and that is why you have routines and habits that you do everyday, you might also notice yourself getting offended easily or defending your opinion all of the time, your ego and the identity that you have created for yourself is feeling threatened, we put ourselves in this box and never question it or challenge it. That is why you have not reinvented yourself, and that is why you are stuck. An important practice that you can start doing daily is writing what actions your future self would be doing, identify what your future self looks like, what they are doing daily, and what values they hold, then you can start taking actions as if you are already this future self.



There are ways that you can reinvent yourself in all different environments and situations as well. I’m sure you are slightly different at work to what you are with others. Your values and the core essence of yourself is still similar, but it’s allowing yourself to change in different situations and different environments, this can help you recognise the power of being fluid while maintaining the core future beliefs that you align with.



I have always feared public speaking but I have pushed myself to develop this skill and learn how to become more confident speaking in front of people, I could have stayed in my comfort zone and not taken a job that involved public speaking but I decided to go towards this resistance so that I could develop this skill, and help me become my dream future self – a confident and engaged public speaker.


Limiting Beliefs

I think for people out there who want to reinvent themselves, it’s really important to just sit with that, sit with those emotions of why you haven’t tried something different and what is holding you back. Identify what those limiting beliefs are, and why they are holding you back. That’s the powerful work that can encourage you to give yourself permission to try something different and reinvent yourself.