Benefits of Therapy for Yourself, Family, and Relationships

According to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps individuals overcome emotional problems. This type of counselling focuses on assisting clients in identifying their feelings and developing coping skills. Therapists can also help clients change unhealthy behaviours, help deal with their emotions, and improve their relationships.


“Social media can directly impact emotional wellness, physical health, and mental health. It can make people upset about what they see or what a partner chooses to share, which can lead to functional impairments, decreased quality time, and relationship satisfaction,” says Greyson Piper of Pickup Line—one of Australia’s well-reputable dating problem-solvers.


Here’s a look at some common types of therapy and their benefits to you, your family, and your relationships.


1. Individual Therapy

You can explore your ideas, emotions, and worries in a private setting with individual counselling. Individual therapy aims to promote change and raise the quality of life by encouraging self-awareness and self-exploration. Some benefits of individual therapy include the following but are not limited to these:

  • aid in enhancing communication abilities
  • make you feel more in control
  • enable you to gain new perspectives on your life
  • acquire the ability to make better decisions
  • create coping mechanisms to control distress


2. Family Therapy

Families may turn to a therapist for assistance when they encounter challenges that seem too great to overcome on their own. Instead, the family unit’s network of relationships is being emphasised.


The following are some of the most significant advantages of family therapy:

  • strengthening communication abilities
  • assisting in the treatment of mental health issues that affect the family as a whole (such as substance abuse, depression, or trauma)
  • encouraging cooperation between family members
  • creating personal coping mechanisms
  • figuring out where to get wholesome help


3. Relationship Therapy

Couples therapy is effective when a couple is going through both individual and relational distress. There are many different reasons why couples go to counselling. Social media, for example, can make people feel upset, jealous, or obsessed, leading to cracks in partnerships and potentially pushing couples to the point of seeking counselling.


Several of the more widespread advantages mentioned by couples include:

  • Strengthening communication abilities
  • Settling disputes
  • Regaining lost confidence
  • Expanding mutual support
  • Reestablishing intimacy
  • Developing the ability to assist one another during adversity
  • Strengthening the connection


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Therapy can help with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, or physical health issues, such as chronic pain. People often go to therapy for different reasons. They might want to talk through their feelings, solve a problem, or find ways to improve their quality of life.


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Article written by: Jackson Evison.