The Importance Of Setting Healthy Boundaries

Self-care includes setting boundaries. It is helpful to develop clear guidelines, rules, and limitations that respect our needs and desires and make us feel respected and safe. Additionally, it aids in reducing stress, anxiety, and burnout.


Health Direct says managing relationships while juggling work, family, and friends can be challenging. Setting boundaries and learning to say “no” can help you achieve work-life balance. Moreover, it can enhance your mental health and well-being.


Setting healthy boundaries in the business allows the expression of expectations for clients straightforwardly. It also allows you to explain your company’s requirements and policies to family and friends with mutual respect,” says business expert Lincoln Beck of Biz Hero– Australia’s top business and financial news network.


Modern self-care requires establishing sound boundaries on social media. It balances personal and professional space and frees time for more critical tasks. Here are some pointers on why you should set healthy limits on social media:


1. Social Media Addiction

Social media can appear like mindless, soothing, relaxing entertainment; but it significantly impacts your brain. Your brain recognises social media use as a pleasant activity you should repeat when you need more dopamine. You might experience this more each time you upload something of your own and get supportive comments.


Some people’s use of social media reaches a point where it resembles addiction in many ways, including mental obsession and forgoing other life experiences in favour of using it. They also result in hiding or downplaying use to induce the mood alteration they seek.


2. Decreased Social Life

Even if a person has many “friends” on social media, keeping up with those online connections frequently interferes with the time spent with people in real situations. According to a 2016 study by Oxford University psychology professor Robin Dunbar, the average Facebook user may have hundreds or thousands of friends on social media. Still, only a tiny portion of those friends can be relied upon in trying times.


3. Comparing With Others

It’s unhealthy to frequently or persistently compare oneself to others. Receiving notifications about all the exciting things your social media friends are up to, however, tends to foster this sort of behaviour and the inevitable jealousy.


4. Cyberbullying

While social media makes meeting new people and establishing friendships simpler, it also gives vile people a quick and easy way to pick on others. Social networks’ anonymity allows bullies to earn people’s trust before terrorising them in front of their friends. It negatively impacts mental health and increases tension and anxiety.



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Article written by: Jackson Evison.